This family is pure gold, and just SO photogenic! I had the hardest time narrowing it down, soooo....I didn't. ;) #sorrynotsorry



I am long over due for an update on the blog, but I've been jam packed with photo shoots so the blog took sort of back seat. Most definitely a good problem to have, no complaints thats for sure!! Business has been good and the city makes for the very best backdrop! 

I did this photo shoot back in January when we were visiting AZ. This sweet girl was getting ready to be baptized a member of the LDS church and she couldn't be more proud! It was such a sweet session and she radiated the entire time. 


Starks Sisters

These girls are so spunky and full of life, they had me laughing the entire session. They had ALL the poses and all the right moves, zero work on my part, I just simply brought the camera :) 

I adore these 3 and their fun parents. 

Eagar Family

This family is something special and each session we have had has been exactly that (their first session, and a little bit about them, HERE). I have known Lisa my entire life and just adore her.

These pictures are full of all the emotions. When I think of them, I feel at a loss for words, but also want to say all the words. I want her to know how amazing she is, how she has handled everything with such grace, and I am blown away by her. To say she is incredibly strong would be an understatement. This session was emotional and beautiful and you could certainly feel the love, and sweet Kimball, there. Love you my friend. XOXOX

Ryder // Baptism

This kid, no doubt, is cooler than I. As he should be, he comes from a long line of ridiculously cool people.

How many times do you think I can use cool......

His mom is one of the most genuine (and COOL) people I know. 

Cool. ;)



Parker // Newborn

For this sweet newborn session, Mom requested that we use some of Dad's work gear. So so sweet seeing this brand new, sparkly clean baby snuggled up in Dad's worn in and well loved gear. 

Hallows Family

Not only is this woman the sweetest person ever, she is a whiz at brows! She's the best of the best and having your brows micro bladed is a game changer! If you are still coloring in your brows every. single. day. CALL HER NOW
These two made for the sweetest little session and her styling for this shoot was on point. Bravo, Robin, bravo! (insert hand clapping emoji)

Barney Family

This family right here is where it's at, just downright good people. We were neighbors in AZ, twice (!!!), which made us pretty dang lucky! I got to take their family pictures just a few days before we headed out to NYC. We sure miss these friends and neighbors a whole lot.

Baby T // Newborn

I sure love this family right here and I got the pleasure of getting to capture their sweet baby T while he was a newborn and again recently for their family photos which I will share as soon as Christmas cards go out! ;) So in the meantime, here is his newborn shoot we took over the summer