This family is pure gold, and just SO photogenic! I had the hardest time narrowing it down, soooo....I didn't. ;) #sorrynotsorry


Finley // Newborn

If I could have a newborn session daily I would be one happy lady. :)

Another sweet session that took place in my home in AZ. I want to share every. single. image. This sweet baby was just too good.

Parker // Newborn

For this sweet newborn session, Mom requested that we use some of Dad's work gear. So so sweet seeing this brand new, sparkly clean baby snuggled up in Dad's worn in and well loved gear. 

Baby T // Newborn

I sure love this family right here and I got the pleasure of getting to capture their sweet baby T while he was a newborn and again recently for their family photos which I will share as soon as Christmas cards go out! ;) So in the meantime, here is his newborn shoot we took over the summer

Crandall Family

This sweet family chose to do their session at my home then followed with the Riparian Preserve. Made for a perfect morning. And a baby wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug?! Nothing beats that! 

Michaelson Family

Blogging this late at night only means one thing.....I actually have a million other things I should be doing but instead I decide to blog...... Whattya gonna do? 

This family was visiting from Texas and we were able to sneak in a session before they had to head home. So glad I got to meet the Michaelson's. Now back to those million other things....

Baby K // Newborn

Holy smokes do I have a lot of catchin' up to do!! Its been far too long and frankly, I don't have a great excuse. I'll chalk it up kids, you know, being needy or something along those lines....(Ok, ok I'll take a little bit of the heat for slacking). But lets not dwell on that and just look at pictures of sweet baby K instead. K? K. 

Brewer // Newborn

Babies, babies, babies. I swear I could have a million. Buuuuuut then they start sassing you and throwing tantrums so big you had no idea could come out of something so small, and I quickly change my tune. ;) If only they stayed teeny tiny with that newborn smell, you know that smell, it's heaven I tell ya! 

Meet Baby Brewer