Style My Sesh // Pt. 7

OK, for anyone that knows me, mixing patterns/colors is my jam. So this #stylemysesh really hits the spot for me. Its pretty simple to achieve, as long as you stick with complimentary colors, throw in as many patterns as your heart desires! And although I would call this one a more mild version, I still love the mix of patterns and the pop of color.

Go bold or go home! ;) or better yet, "Go bold and get family pictures taken". Yeah, thats better. ;)

Style My Sesh // pt. 6 + a GIVEAWAY


A double header come at ya today! Not only is this post a #stylemysesh but its also a GIVEAWAY! Go follow over on good ol' Instagram (@fndphotography), tag all the friends you can think of, and cross your fingers you are the winner of mini session with yours truly and a $100 gift card (think Nordstrom, H&M, Gap, Zara, J Crew, Old Navy, etc.) to help outfit said mini session! Happy Tagging friends!

**Winner will be announced Friday. Contest includes $100 gift card to store of your choice, Mini session (30 minute session, must be used this fall), with all the edited images.

Style My Sesh // pt. 5

Its about that time!! Fall photo sessions are around the corner so I thought I'd kick it off with a little inspiration. And no better color to start it with than my very favorite at the moment, Blush. This color goes with just about anything and looks good on just about anyone. Its kind of amazing. Blush is like Nude's more outgoing sister. And I like her. A lot.

Use this color in your next photo shoot and I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Style My Sesh // pt. 4


Booking now: Monday & Tuesday (January 25th & 26th) 30 minute V-Day mini session in studio or location of your choice: $150 (normally $175) with all the edited images back to you by Friday the 29th. Just in time to send your loved ones a personalized Valentine's day card and instantly you become their favorite person ever. Blammo! Contact me to book or for more information.

So here is my spin on what I'd throw together for a Valentine's mini session with yours truly. 

Style My Sesh // pt. 2

This post is brought to you by Fall, because helllloooo, I think you just made your appearance today (well, here in sunny AZ you did). This better not be a teaser, we are SO close now! The weather is nice and windy and all the good kinds of dreary and I am loving every minute of it. So come on, Fall, you can just make yourself comfortable and stay awhile.

So I know what you're thinking, this is kiiiiiiiinda the same color scheme as the previous post BUT, come on, a way different feel….. At least thats what I'm telling myself. So I'm going with it. And because I couldn't help but go in this direction with this glorious weather and all.

This just screams smore's and mittens and sweaters and cozy campfires and….bears?? ok I'd prefer no bears in my camp but other than that this is a cozy fall sesh that I just need in my life right now. And guys, I don't know if you've noticed but ponchos are ALL the rave this minute. Yes, I said Ponchos. And I seriously couldn't be happier about it. What is cozier than that?! I threw a couple different options in at different price points (even a miniature one for your little mini). So grab a hot chocolate and check out this styled sesh. And someone PLEASE hop on board with this because I could use a good trip to the mountains and a tee-pee. Yes, the tee-pee must be there.

Style My Sesh

The most frequent question I get asked from clients is "What on earth should I wear to my session!?" It can be daunting, to say the least, to figure out which color palette to go with let alone find coordinating outfits for an entire family. Insert sweating emoji. So I thought I could help a sister out and start this new series #stylemysesh to give you some inspiration on this fine Monday afternoon. I'll post rough ideas of styles I happen to think are pretty spot on. So if its not your jam then….. so sad?!? ;)

Black, white and brown has to be my all time favorite combos. It's classic, neutral and can be edgy or clean and crisp. Whatever floats your boat. Keep it as is or throw in a pop of color to spruce things up a bit. I added a touch of army green here because, well, it's rad. That's all there is to it. (clearly, I think so. Notice our family pic to the right there ----->) 

With the desert as the backdrop is my personal fave.

And mustard yellow works swimmingly

Burgundy, Plum, you name it, it all looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. You could even do more tone on tone and only add cream to the scheme. It's a win-win in my book. Give me a good stripe and I am happy as a clam.

** A word to the wise, wear something comfortable, something you feel the most "you" in. I would steer clear of that formal gown you have stuffed in your closet (unless thats your thing, then I say rock it girlfriend!). Wear something you would normally wear, just maybe jazzed up a bit. But be yourself, if it isn't really your style or you are uncomfortable, it will come off that way in the pictures. Just a thought. **

Now go, get yourself together and schedule a session! ;)