Every now and then I get to work with the most amazing brands and this one is no exception! Betsy from Swim Zip is just the sweetest and makes the most amazing swim suits! I know my boys poor lilly-white skin would not be as protected any other way! My boys, no joke, won't go swimming without their swim shirts on! And less sunscreen application on my behalf, well thats a win in my book! But lets be real, I can't get over my boys in those cute little euro shorts. Do you think they'll let me still dress them in them when their teenagers?!?! ;) Until then, euro swim shorts it is! 

All of her suits provide UV 50+ protection, and style to boot! She has about every color combo and style you would ever need. Go check her out, we couldn't be happier with our swimsuits! I mean, I still squeeze Blue in to his long sleeve sunsuits from last year! They are the best, they still fit and we get so many compliments! 

Swim Zip // Product Shoot

I recently had the opportunity to work with the wonderful SwimZip and I couldn't be more excited about their suits! Lets just say my littles need lots and lots of coverage in these summer months, being borderline albino and all…. ;) we are so fair, we will take all the help we can get. So these coverups and swim suits were made for us. My boys got to model these and we couldn't be more excited to test them out in the water all summer long! And their roundie towels? Couldn't be cooler! Go check em out!!