boys, Boys, BOYS

Its been quiet over here on the blog because I have been busy growing a sweet baby BOY! I know it takes about zero brain power to grow a tiny human, but man it sure sucks the life outta you and kind of just takes over your world. You know, napping and whatnot is hard work. ;) Just kidding, but in all reality, sitting in front of a computer screen sounded about as good as raw chicken (I don't know about you but looking at/handling raw chicken when pregnant is just about the worst thing. ever.) Now that I'm over all that first trimester sickness, I'm up and running and back at the blog and have a few photo shoots to share. But first, our big reveal to the boys (and Jared! I found out while he was out of town on business this week and decided to wait until he got home to share the news)! I held on to that secret all week long. Not a soul, I tell ya! Insert pat on the back here. ;)

We prepped Breaker for what color meant boy and what color meant girl and when the confetti flew I asked him "So what are we having?" and he yelled "Everything!" Oops! Guess they should have only put blue inside the balloon. ;) He caught on quickly though that we are having a boy and is pretty excited about it. 

Baby boy is due August 29th (Jared's birthday of all days which is pretty awesome if you ask us!). We couldn't be happier and can't wait for this house to be filled with wild & crazy, but sweet little boys!