Style My Sesh // pt. 3

The question I get asked right after "what in the world do I wear to my photo session?!" you might be wondering (or probably not, but let's just go with it, k?) is just this: "where in the world do I start?!". And my answer to that is simple. You, Mama. Because we most likely wouldn't even be doing this session if it weren't for you so go ahead and put yourself first for a change ;)  Plus we tend to be the pickiest so once you have your outfit settled, the others should easily fall in line. This #stylemysesh gives Mom several different options that easily go with the rest of the clan.

This simple, clean look is classic and so cool if you mix tons of different tones and textures. I personally love love love this look and hope to see it all over the place this photo season. So go, be "boring" and find all the beige you can find. I promise it will be everything BUT boring!